Swimming is physical and mental.

Swim lessons for all ages. Whether you are learning to swim or seeking to improve upon your skills, Holistic Swim Co. offers a range of options to suit your needs as it applies to your physical and mental relationship with the water.


Holistic Swim Co.'s Mission

Our mission is to educate and prepare swimmers of all skill levels for the application of safe habits in aquatic environments.

Coach Angel is a professional swim instructor based in New York City, certified in Water Safety Instruction and Lifeguard Instruction.

Angel's interest in education stems from his love for learning and helping others to learn. This led him to pursue a career in health and physical education. His passion for aquatics came later in life as a result of a life-threatening, and ultimately life-changing, experience. In that moment he decided to enroll in swimming lessons.

It was during those swimming lessons that Angel experienced a new level of appreciation for the education process. As a result of all of these events, he decided to share the joy of overcoming the challenges that arise when learning a new skill like swimming while educating them about the safety measures required for a fun and enjoyable aquatic experience.


Coach Liz teaches kindergarten at The Cathedral School in Manhattan, and is Head of Aquatics at Bank Street Summer Camp.

Liz found teaching at fifteen, lifeguarding at her small hometown pool in Brookings, Oregon. She now specializes in teaching swimmers with special needs, and in the summer she coordinates and supervises swim programming at Bank Street Summer Camp.